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Dunlop Heavy Core Trivium Signature Series Electric Guitar 7-String Set 10-63

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Model: TVMN10637

Trivium's Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu need gear that keeps up with their creative drive. That's why they came to the Dunlop String Lab and designed their own set of Heavy Core® Strings, with each gauge handpicked to keep notes stable and focused at lowered tunings while offering a full dynamic range that's balanced with vivid highs and rich lows. This set gives Matt and Corey the freedom to create the music they love with peak performance and playability. "Since the beginning, Trivium has used Dunlop Strings—the exact same custom set you are holding in your hands," say Corey and Matt. "We have vastly different equipment and playing styles, but the one constant between us is—and has always been—Dunlop's world-class strings."



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