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Folk Instruments

Kala Kala Nomad Acoustic-electric U•bass

BeaverCreek BCBJC18 5-String Banjo

Model: BCBJC18


BeaverCreek BCBJC18, Right Handed 5-String Banjo, 18 Bracket Skirt, Mahongany Resonator, Aluminum Rim, Remo Head.

This 5-string banjo features an 18 bracket skirt, and is commonly used for country, folk, and bluegrass music thanks to its upbeat sound.

Beaver Creek 17 Key Kalimba Multi Colour

Model: BCKALM-17MC


A gorgeous sounding instrument, the Kalimba is particularly adept at producing soft and haunting melodies. The hollow mahogany body of the BeaverCreek kalimba delivers a full, resonant sound. From Coldplay to Pachelbel's Canon, this compact and versatile

Grover Trophy Firstnote Ocarina

Model: FN152


Trophy Sweet Potato Ocarina's are perfect for children and serve great educational purposes. The Ocarina can also be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Washburn Mandolin with Spruce Top Sunburst

Model: M1S-A


Washburn Americana Series solid Spruce top A-Style mandolin; maple back and sides, gloss sunburst finish. Washburn has been building mandolins since the late 1800s. Whether you’re a bluegrass, Celtic or rock player, see how the addition of a mandolin can

Washburn B8K-A Banjo Pack with 5-string Resonator Banjo

Model: B8K-A


Washburn Banjo Pack with 5-string Resonator Banjo, gigbag, pitch pipe, picks, booklet, strap Washburn has been building banjos since the late 1800s. These instruments were considered some of the finest of their day. This heritage is not lost in the instru

Walton Scottish Tin Whistle Pack Key of D

Model: 08AWAL-1555


From beginner musicians to experienced ones, this is the perfect whistle for you. The Scottish Tin Whistle is a Key of D Whistle.

Walton Scottish Tin Whistle Pack + CD

Model: 08AWAL-1530


Contains key D Whistle, fully diagrammed instructions on how to play the whistle, as well as a selection of Scottish and international favourites, including Loch Lomond, Auld Lang Syne and Scotland the Brave.
Key of D
Instruction book on how to play tra

BeaverCreek BeaverCreek 17-Key Kalimba Beaver

BeaverCreek 17-Key Kalimba Beaver



A gorgeous sounding instrument, the Kalimba is particularly adept at producing soft and haunting melodies while being compact and versatile.


Model: 2515902552


The Gretsch® G5700 Electromatic® Lap Steel produces the unmistakably rich tones of an electric Hawaiian guitar.
Sleek and smooth, it features a solid mahogany slab body, 22.5” scale length, 28-fret plastic fingerboard with circle, triangle, square and di

Gold Tone AC-4 Composite 4-String Open back Tenor Banjo w/Gig Bag

Model: AC-4


Like its cousin the AC-1 (proclaimed "Best in Show / MUST Stock" instrument at the 2016 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tennessee), the Gold Tone AC-4 is an economical, durable and great-sounding beginner banjo. Designed for the tenor banjoist, it has a st

Gold Tone Micro Bass 25 Fretless Cutaway Electric-Acoustic Bass

Model: MBASS25/FL


The original, and still a best-seller. You'll find that this mighty mite has real usefulness in acoustic playing situations, but plug it in and the REAL fun begins. Available fretted or fretless, the 23 will have your acoustic amp or bass amp rumbling wit

Seagull Seagull M4 Merlin Spruce
Model: 039227

Seagull M4 Merlin Spruce

Model: 039227


Made in La Patrie Quebec, Canada and inspired by the dulcimer, the Seagull M4 is a very portable and compact 4-string diatonic acoustic instrument that is simply fun to play and very hard to put down. The M4 was designed to introduce and stimulate people