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Hand Percusion

Remo Bahia Buffalo Drum 16" Black Earth

Model: E1-1316-BE


The Bahia Bass Buffalo Drum features a low-frequency bass tone that is found in many traditional drums from Africa, Brazil and the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Constructed with the vinyl Bahia Bass fixed pre-tuned drumhead with Remo’s patented Aco

Latin Percussion LP Fiber Maracas
Model: LP389
Latin Percussion LP Wood Maracas
Model: CP281

Latin Percussion LP1607BL World 7" Rope Circle Djembe Blue

Model: LP1607BL


Circle Djembes from the LP World Collection offer stunning sound and premium durability with eye-catching looks for rhythm makers of all levels. The djembes are made of LP’s exclusive HD material making them both lightweight and robust. Plus the pretuned,

Latin Percussion LP Macho Maracas
Model: LP394

Sela Percussion Bamboo Venti Chimes Water (D/F/A/G) With Bag

Model: SEV-WA


Sela Venti Chimes are high quality manufactured wind chimes, which are available in different tunings. They consist of a rectangular bamboo case, inside which 8 metal tone rods are arranged in a circle. The rods are struck by a plastic disc, which is atta

Tycoon Tycoon Bongo Shaker
Model: TSS-B

Grover First Note Musical Rhythm Set

Model: FN500


A unique collection of musical rhythm instruments. Set includes 12 easy-to-play pieces. Includes FREE durable drawstring bag to keep everything together.

Contains: 3 kazoos, 3 Nose flutes, 1 Pair of Rhythm Sticks, 2 Castanets, 1 Triangle,1 Sleigh Bel

Zildjian 12" Traditional Gong and Stand Set

Model: DICMZILP0565


Zildjian 12-Inch Traditional Gong and Table-Top Stand Set, Traditional Finish, Dark Sound, Zildjian Model P0565.

Pre-packaged set comes with a 12" Traditional Gong, a specially designed tabletop stand, and mallet. The Gong offers a classic gong sound w

Toca Toca Wood Ratchet
Model: T-WR
RhythmTech Rhythm Tech Banana Shaker
Model: Rt2052

Latin Percussion Salsa Cha Cha Cowbell

Model: ES-2


This 4-3/4" bell produces a bright and authentic Cha-Cha sound with tuned overtones that make it the ideal companion for medium and low-pitched LP Salsa Bells. It’s made in the USA and the eye-bolt mount fits 3/8”diameter rods

Latin Percussion Black Beauty Cowbell

Model: LP204AN


Its high pitch and bright sound have made the LP Black Beauty one of the greatest selling cowbells in history. It easily cuts through in live environments and moderate overtones make it perfect for the studio. Made in the USA, the bell features LP’s paten

Latin Percussion M281 Matador Mini Maracas Black

Model: M281


Sold in matched pairs, these plastic shell maracas with wood handles have a full, bright sound.