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Jim Dunlop

Dunlop Trigger Fly Capo Celtic Knot Edition Curved Black

Model: 63CBKC


The Trigger Fly Capo elevates our original Trigger design with modern ergonomics for comfort and aesthetics, and we’ve enhanced its performance with increased sustain and better intonation up and down the neck. Change keys on the fly, and maintain the res

Dunlop 105q Cry Baby Bass Wah Pedal

Model: 105Q


The first wah pedal designed by bass players for bass players, the 105Q incorporates a new proprietary potentiometer and custom EQ circuitry, specifically optimized for bass frequencies. The Crybaby Bass Wah applies the wah effect to the mids and highs on

Dunlop 574PAJ200 Andy James Custom Flow2 Pick 2.00mm (3-Pack)

Model: 574PAJ200


One of our essential Flow Pick artists, Andy James has upgraded his custom model to Delrin for an aggressive, snappy tone that complements his work with Five Finger Death Punch. “Dunlop has been my go-to guitar pick choice for many years. The birth of the

Dunlop PH122P114 White Fang 1.14mm Guitar Picks

Model: PH122P114


As one of the greatest riff masters of all time, James Hetfield needs gear that performs as monstrously as he does—picks included. When he came to Dunlop looking for a pick to meet his high standards, we worked closely with him to create a solution that k

Dunlop JD222 Brass Medium Slide

Model: JD222


Solid brass slides are favoured for their comfortable weight and mass and rich sound. It has a warm, darker tone than chromed brass or steel slides still brighter than glass or ceramic slides. Dunlop 222 brass slides are made with medium wall thickness fo

Dunlop JH15 Jimi Hendrix Pop Festival Guitar Strap

Model: JH15


This strap bears the same design as the one Jimi Hendrix™ wore when he stole the show at a 1967 music festival in Monterey—the very first Jimi Hendrix Experience™ appearance in the U.S. He made music history when he set his guitar—and the world—on fire, s

Dunlop 47PKH3NYS Kirk Hammett Jazz III Pick Yellow Glitter (6-Pack)

Model: 47PKH3NYS


With this yellow glitter pick, Kirk Hammett signals a return to his musical roots and the punk and New wave of British Heavy Metal bands that set him on his own path to legend status. "I started using this pick around 2004 and never looked back. I play fa

Dunlop JHBMFMS1 Authentic Hendrix ’68 Shrine Series BMF Leather Strap



This special edition BMF Leather Strap is a classy, comfortable tribute to one of the greatest musicians to ever pick up an instrument. We’ve embroidered the iconic Jimi Hendrix™ portrait from renowned rock ’n’ roll artist John Van Hamersveld’s 1968 Shrin

Dunlop SLS1501N Straplok Traditional Strap Retainer System Nickel

Model: SLS150N


The Dunlop Straplok System is the strap retainer designed with the artist in mind. 360-degree groove and ball design allows the unit to rotate without catching. The case hardened steel skin guarantees long life. The same strap can be used with several gui

Dunlop Navy Blue Ribbed Cotton Strap

Model: D27-01NV


Dunlop Ribbed Cotton Straps are made from soft, comfortable cotton that rests easily on the shoulder and lasts a long time.

Dunlop Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein Max Grip .60mm (6 Pack)

Model: EVHP02


The graphic artwork on these picks is sourced from arguably the most widely recognized guitar in the world, Eddie Van Halen's "Frankenstein." This is the exact pick that Eddie used, a Dunlop Max-Grip .60mm gauge pick. The Frankenstein graphic combined wit

Dunlop EVHP04 Eddie Van Halen VHII Max Grip Picks .60mm (6-Pack)

Model: EVHP04


The graphic artwork on these picks is sourced from Eddie Van Halen's black-with-yellow-stripes guitar, which was introduced to the world in 1979. This is the exact pick that Eddie used, a Dunlop Max-Grip .60mm gauge pick. The black-with-yellow-stripes gra

Dunlop Jim Root Signature String Lab Series Drop A Electric Guitar String Set (12-64)

Model: JRN1264DA


When you're dishing out blast-beat-driven grooves and extra twisted melodies from downtuned depths like Jim Root, you need a set of strings that will stand up to your onslaught while staying in tune. He came to the Dunlop String Lab to design just such a

Dunlop Poly Guitar Strap Navy Blue

Model: D07-01NV


These straps are soft and comfortable with genuine leather ends. At a price point that's perfect for new players, they're available in six popular colors.

Dunlop JD6434 Formula 65 Cymbal Polish & Cleaner 4oz

Model: JD6434


This formulation is optimized for daily use to keep cymbals clean, clear, and resonant. Specially balanced for cymbal metals. Simply spray on and wipe off for a quick, clean shine with no residue. 4 oz. pump spray.