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Cables & Adaptors

Saramonic LC-XLR Lightning to XLR Cable

Model: LC-XLR


The LC-XLR allows you connect professional XLR microphone to your iOS devices

Output: the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPd touch that have a lightning connector and support iOS 9.3.5 or later.
Input: self-powered condenser XLR microphone and dy

Digiflex NXX-100 Professional Touring Series XLR Cable 100'

Model: N100-XX


Professional Touring Series microphone cables have the perfect mix of proven high quality and ruggedness to withstand the rigours of professional touring. A high density pure copper shield and tightly twisted conductors combined with a very flexible jacke

Hosa Coupler 3.5mm TRS to Same GMM-303

Model: GMM-303


This adapter is designed to couple audio cables with mini stereo phone plugs. It works with mono or stereo plugs.

Connectors: 3.5 mm TRS to Same

Hosa YPP-117 Stereo Breakout 1/4” TRS to Dual 1/4” TSF

Model: YPP-117


This cable is designed to split a stereo signal. Black- and red-coded mono phone jacks indicate left and right respectively. It may also be used to adapt a stereo cable with mono phone plugs to a stereo phone jack.

Connectors: 1/4 in TRS to Dual 1/4 in

Hosa WHD-410 Split-loom Cable Organizer

Model: WHD-410


The WHD-410 Split-loom Cable Organizer by Hosa Technology is designed to group various cables and eliminate cable clutter. It is ideal for studios, stages, and practice rooms.

Hosa XLR3F to USB Type A TRACKLINK USB Interface 10'

Model: UXA-110


The TRACKLINK Microphone to USB Interface makes it easy to connect your dynamic microphone directly to your computer. Simply plug the XLR connector into your microphone and the USB connector into your computer and play—you’ll be tracking in no time! It wo

Hosa HXSS-025 Pro Series Headphone Extension Cable 25ft 1/4” TRS to Same

Model: HXSS-025


This cable is designed to extend the reach of hard-wired headphones with a stereo phone plug. It may also be used as a stereo extension cable. Features include:

• Nickel-plated REAN® plugs for efficient signal transfer and superior durability
• 24 AWG

Hosa Adaptor 1/4” TS to RCA GPR-104

Model: GPR-104


This adapter is designed to adapt a mono phone plug to a phono jack.

Connectors: 1/4 in TS to RCA

Hosa GXX-144 Gender Changer XLR3M to Same

Model: GXX-144


This adapter is designed to change an XLR input into an XLR output.

Connectors: XLR3M to Same

Hosa Adaptor 3.5mm TRS to 1/4" TS GPM-179

Model: GPM-179


This adapter is designed to adapt a mini stereo phone plug to a stereo phone jack. It is ideal for use as a headphone adapter.

Connectors: 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4 in TRS

Digiflex HKK-10 Performance Series 1/8" Mini TRS Patch Cable 10'

Model: HKK-10


Plug in all your mini TRS equipped devices: phones, tablets, laptops, and more! The 1/8" mini TRS plug is synonymous with playing music from portable devices, get the Digiflex cable that will move with you!

Neutrik NC3FXX XLR Female Connector End

Model: NC3FXX


3 pole female cable connector with Nickel housing and silver contacts.

Digiflex Digiflex 10’ Stereo 1/8"
Model: HKK-10