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Dunlop JD222 Brass Medium Slide

Model: JD222


Solid brass slides are favoured for their comfortable weight and mass and rich sound. It has a warm, darker tone than chromed brass or steel slides still brighter than glass or ceramic slides. Dunlop 222 brass slides are made with medium wall thickness fo

Dunlop JD218 Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Medium

Model: JD218


This glass slide provides a warm, thick tone that accentuates the middle harmonics of your sound, featuring heavy wall thickness and a medium diameter.

Dunlop JD215 Pyrex Glass Slide with Heavy Wall

Model: JD215


Choosing the right guitar slide is all about feel. The Dunlop No. 215 Pyrex Glass Slide is a heavy-wall medium guitar slide that measures 69 millimeters long with inner and outer diameters of 20 millimeters and 29 millimeters. This heavy wall construction

Dunlop JD203 Pyrex Glass Slide

Model: JD203


Choose Dunlop JD 203 tempered glass slide for a bright tone with a beautifully detailed high end.

Jim Dunlop Dunlop Chrome Slide 320
Model: JD320