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Power Supply


MXR M242 Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply

Model: M242


The MXR Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply delivers clean, steady voltages to a diverse range of pedal types in a sleek form factor so that you can confidently power your entire board without any extra bulk. POWERFUL VERSATILITY. Every one of the MXR Iso-Brick Pr

Roland PCS-20A OFC Parallel DC Cord daisy chain

Model: PCS-20A


This "daisy-chain" cable allows for powering multiple BOSS compact pedals from a single pedal like the LS-2, TU-3, or NS-2.

Hosa ACD-477 Universal Power Adaptor up to 12VDC / 1200mA

Model: ACD-477


This adapter is designed to supply power where and when you need it. With selectable DC output up to 12 V and plugs to fit most small electronic devices, it replaces a box full of batteries. Features include:

• Auto-detection of AC input from 100 to 24

Hosa Hosa PWC-403 Power Cord 3'
Model: PWC-403
Boss Boss PSA-120 9V Adaptor
Model: PSA-120