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Digiflex HKK-10 Performance Series 1/8" Mini TRS Patch Cable 10'

Model: HKK-10


Plug in all your mini TRS equipped devices: phones, tablets, laptops, and more! The 1/8" mini TRS plug is synonymous with playing music from portable devices, get the Digiflex cable that will move with you!

Digiflex Digiflex 10’ Stereo 1/8"
Model: HKK-10

Digiflex NXX-100 Professional Touring Series XLR Cable 100'

Model: N100-XX


Professional Touring Series microphone cables have the perfect mix of proven high quality and ruggedness to withstand the rigours of professional touring. A high density pure copper shield and tightly twisted conductors combined with a very flexible jacke

Digiflex Digiflex 15’ Stereo 1/8"
Model: HKK-15