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Latin Percussion

Latin Percussion LP446-S Small Session Shaker

Model: LP446-S


LP Session Shakers have easy-to-grip PVC bodies with molded end-caps for a solid feel and superb sound.

Latin Percussion Twist Shaker Loud

Model: LP441T-L


Twist Shakers are a twin set of shakers that have a patented twisting lock mechanism that allows the player to play them as a set, one in each hand, or with add-ons.

Latin Percussion RhythMix Chick-Ita Shakers Cherry

Model: LPR010-CH


Quick, delicate and responsive sound. LP RhythMix Chick-Ita won the coveted Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award.
Quick, delicate and responsive sound
Safety approved for ages 2 and up
Color: Cherry
Won the coveted Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award

Latin Percussion Professional Maracas

Model: LP281


LP Pro Maracas are made in matched pairs—one high-pitched, one low-pitched for a classic maraca sound. They produce loud, cutting tone that cuts through, especially on stage.
Bright, loud sound

Latin Percussion Afuche/Cabasa Large Wood

Model: LP234B


Developed and introduced by LP over 40 years ago, the Afuche®/Cabasa has become one of the most essential percussion instruments in history. Loops of steel bead are wrapped around a textured cylinder to produce a variety of scraping rhythmic patterns. Ava

Latin Percussion Super Guiro

Model: LP243


The LP Super Guiro was designed to eliminate the durability issues inherent with the natural version of this instrument. It is precision-molded from high-strength plastic and is designed to have the shape, feel, and sound quality of the natural gourd vers

Latin Percussion LP Aspire 24 Bar Chimes
Model: LPA280
Latin Percussion LP Foot Tambourine
Model: LP188
Latin Percussion Latin Percussion Maracas Assorted
Model: Lpr011Bd36-I