Energizer Smart In-Wall Outlet with USB A & C

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Model: EWO32005WHT

1. Dual Outlet Design: Whether you're plugging in traditional devices or the latest gadgets, our two-outlet design ensures you're always connected.

2. Bonus USB Ports: No more choosing between charging your phone or your tablet. With an additional USB-C and USB-A port, you can power up multiple devices simultaneously.

3. Fast Charging with 20W Power Delivery: The USB-C port supports 20W Power Delivery, ensuring your iPhone, Samsung, or other compatible smartphones charge at lightning speed.

4. Remote Control with Energizer Connect App: With the Energizer Connect App, you can control your outlet individually from anywhere, anytime.

5. Voice Command Ready: Hands full? No problem. The Energizer Smart In-Wall Outlet is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, allowing for seamless voice-activated control.



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