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Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp Black

Model: MS-2


This Marshall one watt micro amp may be small, but it delivers true Marshall tone. It's portable and easy to use, whether you are on the move or inventing new music in the bedroom.

Marshall MG15GR 15-watt Combo Amp w/ Reverb

Model: MG15GR


Compact 15W amps that pack plenty of power. The 8” speaker delivers a great sound for practice but can also hold its own in front of a small crowd. These amps bring an added punch and lower-end to your sound. The variety of tonal options are sure to compl

Marshall 1960B 300-watt, 4/8/16-ohm, 4x12" Closed-back Cabinet with Celestion G12T-75 Speakers

Model: 1960B


The Marshall 1960B 4x12 Straight Cabinet features 4 - 12" speakers, straight front, 4- or 16-ohm mono, or 8-ohm stereo operation. The cab handles 300W power and weighs 100 lbs. Get an official Marshall optional cover to keep your cab factory fresh. (See t

Marshall 1960A 300-watt Cabinet

Model: 1960A


The Marshall 1960 Speaker Cabinet puts out beautiful tone at any volume. The addition of an impedance (4 or 16 ohm) mono/stereo switching mechanism has transformed the "industry standard" 1960 into the ultimate speaker cab. These 300W Marshall cabs are lo

Marshall 100W Single Channel Tube Head w/ FX Loop

Model: JCM800(2203)


The art of the JCM800TM is its simplicity. Used by artists around the world, this amp continues to be one of our greatest. Oozing rock status, you can effortlessly detect its distinctive 100W roar. The first of our amps to feature a master volume for you

Marshall MG10G 10W Combo Guitar Amplifier

Model: MG10G


Rehearse day and night with the MG10TM. Simple yet mighty this 10W amp is perfect for band practice or home use. The two channels, clean and overdrive, and the contour control function provide a great way to experiment with your sound. The MG10 can also s