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Marshall LTD Bluesbreaker Reissue Pedal

Model: PEDL00100


The sound of the 1962 ‘Bluesbreaker’ amplifier began a legend, with the smooth tone, rich warmth and full character that gave guitarists more expression than ever before. The original Bluesbreaker pedal took this and put it in a stompbox and this reissue

Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp Black

Model: MS-2


This Marshall one watt micro amp may be small, but it delivers true Marshall tone. It's portable and easy to use, whether you are on the move or inventing new music in the bedroom.

Marshall MG10G 10W Combo Guitar Amplifier

Model: MG10G


Rehearse day and night with the MG10TM. Simple yet mighty this 10W amp is perfect for band practice or home use. The two channels, clean and overdrive, and the contour control function provide a great way to experiment with your sound. The MG10 can also s