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Gibraltar SC4421D Standard Hi Hat Clutch

Model: SC-4421D


Gibraltar SC-4421D Standard Hi Hat Clutch: A sturdy, standard clutch design compatible with most stands.

This durable, universal hi-hat clutch is designed to work with most hi hat stands. Standard clutch. Works with most hi hat stands.

Pearl PPS-37 L Arm Rod with Adapter

Model: PPS-37


The PPS-37 is an extremely versatile clamp that attaches a multi-angle "L" Arm to a cymbal stand. Use this clamp with cowbells and other mounted percussion products

Pearl AX-28 Multi-Angle Accessory Clamp

Model: AX-28


The AX28 Two-Way Multi-Angle Adapter features a fixed quick-release clamp (fits 5/8" to 1-1/8") and revolving clamp (fits 1/2" to 1-1/8").

Each expandable Quick Release clamp offers reliable mounting and positioning in your set-up.

The locking, ra

Drum Key
Model: P1Dk

Drum Key

Model: P1Dk


Pearl Pearl  H-830 Hi-Hat Stand
Model: H-830