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Sabian HHX Evolution Splash Cymbal 12"

Model: 11205XEB


Quick, glassy and penetrating, the HHX Evolution Splashes are Dave Weckl’s choice for quick-punchy accents. An integral model in the Evolution line.

Sabian 17” HHX Evolution Crash Cymbal

Model: 11706XEB


The warm, explosive response of a SABIAN’s Evolution Crash is fast and shimmering with increased projection and cut. Developed with the legendary and uncompromising Dave Weckl, SABIAN craftsmen delivered on Dave’s vision of a thin crash with a buttery sof

Sabian HHX Evolution Mini-Chinese Cymbal 14"

Model: 11416XEB


A small, funky sounding model with lots of bite, the HHX Evolution Mini Chinese is ideal on its own or combined with another cymbal as a stax.

Sabian Sabian  SBR 14" Hi-Hats
Model: SBR1402
Sabian Sabian AA 16" Rock Crash
Model: 21609BR
Sabian Sabian 12" HH Splash
Model: 11205XN
Sabian Sabian 20" AAX Medium Ride
Model: 22012XC