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Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Model: Nitromeshkitxus


Premium Feel and Natural Dynamics/Feel the Difference Mesh Can Make
The Alesis Nitro Mesh is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit centered around next-generation Alesis Mesh head drum technology. Mesh heads are the overwhelming preference of drummers w

Alesis CompactKit 4 Portable Tabletop Drum Kit



Alesis CompactKit 4, 4-Pad Portable Tabletop Drum Kit, Alesis Model COMPACTKIT4X.

Includes: CompactKit 4, Drumsticks, Power Supply, User Guide, Safety & Warranty Manual.

The Alesis CompactKit 4 is a tabletop electronic drum kit with everything a you

Remo Bahia Buffalo Drum 16" Black Earth

Model: E1-1316-BE


The Bahia Bass Buffalo Drum features a low-frequency bass tone that is found in many traditional drums from Africa, Brazil and the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Constructed with the vinyl Bahia Bass fixed pre-tuned drumhead with Remo’s patented Aco

VAD307 V-Drums Acoustic Design Electronic Kit with Stand

Model: VAD307


The VAD307 is purposefully compact while maintaining the distinctive V-Drums Acoustic Design aesthetic. The footprint is the same as a mid-level V-Drums set, making it ideal for home use and tight stages. Cutdown shallow shells save space and weight—but f

RB Percussion Kids 5 Piece Drum Kit Blue

Model: RB-JR5-SBL


A Junior five piece drum kit that has the look and feel of a "grown-up" kit! Encourage your child to explore music and rhythm with this lovely little drum set. For children up to age 6 years. Play heart-pounding music with this 5-piece junior drum set fro

Evans EC REVERSE DOT 14” Snare Drum Tune Up Kit

Model: ESTUK-14ECSRD-1


If you want the best performance out of your snare, routine tune-ups are essential. With this kit, Evans gives you the tools, materials, and instructions to modify, adjust, and holistically maintain your most essential piece of kit. Experience increased f

Dunlop JD6434 Formula 65 Cymbal Polish & Cleaner 4oz

Model: JD6434


This formulation is optimized for daily use to keep cymbals clean, clear, and resonant. Specially balanced for cymbal metals. Simply spray on and wipe off for a quick, clean shine with no residue. 4 oz. pump spray.

Promark Todd Sucherman 330 Drum Sticks

Model: SD330W


The ProMark Todd Sucherman drumstick is a great option if you like a light-weight drumstick with a large diameter. This drumstick features a modified maple acorn tip.

Latin Percussion CP374 Sleigh Bells

Model: CP374


CP Sleigh Bells have the Holiday sound we all know and love. Bells are attached to fabric strips and then mounted to a wooden handle. The CP374 is a 25-bell model with four rows of bells to really cuts through the music.

Remo Rhythm Club® RH-5010-00 Floor Tom Drum Rhythm Kids 10"

Model: RH-5010-00


The Rhythm Club® Floor Tom features a high-quality sound and a vibrant Rhythm Club® graphic that children love. Equipped with an Acousticon® shell, a pre-tuned Suede® drumhead and one red tip drumstick. Its compact size is ideal for classroom Drum Circles

Alesis Special Edition Command Mesh 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit



The Command Mesh Kit features all mesh-head pads that deliver an authentic drumming experience. This kit includes an 8"mesh kick with pedal, a 10" dual-zone mesh snare drum, and three 8" dual-zone mesh toms. The set also features a 10" ride cymbal with ch

Sela Percussion SE360 6" Melody Tongue Drum C Major Black

Model: SE360


The Sela Melody Tongue Drum 6" C Major Black is a handy steel tongue drum with a diameter of just over 15 centimeters. With its warm and soothing sound, it is suitable for relaxation in everyday life as well as for the early musical education of children.

Mano Percussion Cajon With Foam Seat Pad Ebony Stripes

Model: MP-CAJ100-ES


Front plate gauge increased from 9mm to 12mm.
Attractive Veneer Finishes.
Comes with Foam Seat Pad.
Gig bag includes over-the-shoulder strap & backpack carry straps
Removable, dual-position snare mechanism allows for multiple sound options.
Color: ES

On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Mic Stand

Model: DS7200B


On-Stage Stands desktop stands are ideal for broadcast, boardroom, conference, and press use—anywhere portable tabletop miking is needed. They also work great for miking guitar cabs. Executive models feature stunning metal finishes and wood bases.

Gibraltar SC-AM1 Single Post Accessory Mount

Model: SC-AM1


The Gibraltar Cowbell Mount attaches to drum hardware or cymbal stands to provide top or bottom mounting of 2 cowbells via 9.5mm post. Post is knurled for stable grip.

Alesis NITROEXPACKXUS Cymbal Expansion For Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit



The Alesis Nitro Mesh Expansion pack adds an 8" tom pad and 10" cymbal pad to an existing Nitro Mesh electronic drum kit. The new pads integrate seamlessly into the module. The pack also comes with drum and cymbal arms for mounting, plus the necessary cla

Pacific Drums & Percussion PDDT700 Lightweight Drum Throne

Model: PDDT700


700 series of Pacific Drum Thrones offer a full range of choices for light drumming applications. The DT700 models provide a comfortable padded seat and double-braced legs, plus the security of bolt-thru height adjustment and solid bolt top.

Latin Percussion LP446-S Small Session Shaker

Model: LP446-S


LP Session Shakers have easy-to-grip PVC bodies with molded end-caps for a solid feel and superb sound.

Mano Percussion MP-CWHK Kids Casanet with Handle

Model: MP-CWHK


Kids Casanet with handle.