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Club3D USB and USB-C Power Charger/5 Ports

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Model: CAC-1903US

CAC-1903 - The Club3D CAC-1903 USB Type A and C, Power Charger, 5 ports up to 111W, with 4x USB Type A and 1x USB Type C connectors is designed for users who want to use only 1 Power Charger for their PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile phone as well as their docking station. It has a separate power cord for use into a wall socket. By adopting Power Delivery charging technology, this versatile Power Charger provides you with both charging function through 4 times USB Type A and 1x USB Type C interface, you can charge any connected Mobile phone / Tablet / NoteBook or any other supported devices. Furthermore we bundle the USB Type C cable for your convenience.



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