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Club3D Travel Charger PPS 65W GAN Single Port USB-C and Power Delivery 3.0 Black

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Model: CAC1905

The Club3D CAC-1905 Travel Charger PPS 65W GAN technology, Single port USB Type-C, Power Delivery(PD) 3.0 Support. Compact size & Superior Performance: GAN technology chipset makes this charger 50% smaller than a 65W MacBook chager, small enough to carry anywhere.The Programmable Power Supply(PPS) 65W wall charger match a variety of PD devices from smart phones to laptops, one for all making charging simple. This wide compatibility charger will be your convenient companion during your business trip or vacation.  The Power Charger is light weight without compromising on Quality and safety. By adopting Power Delivery(PD) charging technology, this versatile Power Charger provides you with charging function through USB Type-C interface, you can charge any connected Mobilephone / Tablet / NoteBook. Furthermore all it needs is a free USB Type-C port on your  Dock/NoteBook/Tablet/ Mobile phone to be charged via the bundled USB cable.



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