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Club3D HDMI 2.0 High Speed 5m

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Model: CAC-2312

CAC-2312 - The Club 3D HDMI™ 2.0 4K60Hz UHD Cable enables the connection of your HDMI™ supported Gaming PC or Laptop to an (Ultra) High Definition Monitor or other HDMI™ supported device.
It fully supports the HDMI™ with Ethernet specification, ensuring that video up to 4K UHD, 4096x2160p at 60Hz is supported, as well as HDR, audio and data streams.
The 5 meter/16.40 feet cable combines the unmatched signal quality and convenience of HDMI™ connectivity with the power and flexibility of home entertainment networking.
It includes a dedicated data channel into the HDMI™ link, enabling high speed networking at up to 100 Mbps. It is the ideal solution for the ultimate future proof HDMI™ 4K UHD Gaming and Viewing experience.



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