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AKG C44-USB Lyra Ultra HD Multimode USB Microphone

Model: C44-USB

Stylish and sounds great. A blend of value and function. The Lyra C44-USBC microphone from AKG is the perfect mic to get your podcast or streaming career off the ground.

You'll capture crystalline vocals with 4K compatible 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution. The C44-USB Lyra carries a 4-capsule mic array that allows you to record with four incredibly useful polar patterns. Thanks to the USB connection, users of all skill levels can record straight into their computer with no external mixer or interface required! While you're working, you can use the Lyra's 3.5mm headphone jack to monitor your levels in real-time and toggle the momentary mute switch to prevent unwanted interruptions. Those who want a versatile and easy-to-use USB microphone will love the AKG Lyra USB Microphone.

4-capsule mic array provides superior coverage
Behind the grille, the Lyra houses a 4-capsule mic array. These mics capture great audio and provide stellar coverage with four selectable polar patterns. Sitting in front of the mic? No problem. Have a friend with you on the other side of the mic? The Lyra's got you covered. To help you record without a hitch, use the microphone gain control on the back of the Lyra's body to tone down loud sounds and provide an extra boost if you're whispering.

Easy-to-remember pattern names
Unlike other microphones that show confusing graphs to explain polar patterns, the AKG Lyra has user-friendly labels for their polar patterns. When you're setting up, simply select from Front, Front & Back, Tight Stereo, or Wide Stereo and start recording. Lyra makes conducting interviews with the Front & Back pattern. With these pattern options your mic can be used for your single- or dual-host podcast, ASMR videos, and anything else in-between.

Compact, rugged construction
The AKG Lyra C44USB is a compact mic that will easily fit on your desktop. In addition to its size, the Lyra has a '50s-style body with striking lines that lend it an undeniable vintage vibe. Wear and tear won't be a bother, thanks to its metal-body construction. This USB microphone ships to your door with an included detachable base and thumbscrew to complete the vintage look. The base allows the mic to tilt in order to provide the best possible recording angle.



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